DTC - 1000F 120 VAC for North America

The Best Fabric Covered Aircraft
Fabric Shrink Iron
on the Market


The Fabric Pro Iron Saves Time, Money, and is Hassle-Free.

DTC - 2000C 220-240 VAC for International Users

Saves Time And Effort

Fabric installation on fabric covered aircraft is a time-intensive art form. High dollars and aircraft performance and safety is at stake. The Fabric Pro Digital Iron is designed exclusively for shrinking Ceconite and similar materials. Clothes iron are not the right tool. Having to wait for an iron to get to optimal temperature and re-calibrate it frequently costs you in both labor and hanger time. With the Fabric Pro iron just set and forget...the digital control maintains the set base plate temperature all day and without constant calibration. The proprietary base plate made specifically thicker for aircraft fabric applications ensures more uniform temperatures and better finishes.

Endorsed by Poly Fiber and Ceconite

For years, Poly Fiber and Ceconite, the major manufacturers of heat shrinkable aircraft fabric, searched for reliable household irons that they could recommend with confidence. Unfortunately, the quality of household laundry irons has degraded in recent years, resulting today in unreliable laundry irons that could not be calibrated accurately with the precision necessary for aviation. Thus, these manufacturers consulted with our company, Fabric Pro USA to produce a fabric iron with a built-in temperature feedback loop to insure accurate, consistent temperature. Both Poly Fiber and Ceconite now fully endorse and recommend Fabric Pro Irons.

12-Month Warranty

The Fabric Pro Iron is warrantied against manufactured defects for up to 12 months.

Fabric Pro Digital Iron - Perfomance and Precision

- Lightweight and compact
- Excellent on edges and corners
- Easy to read digital temperature readout
- Uniform heat plate creates a perfect finish

No Waiting for Calibrating!

How to Correctly Verify the Sole Plate Temperature

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Comes complete with a non-slip pad to rest the iron on
and an insulated storage bag for storage or travel.


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