Our Story

S&M Innovations, LLC was started by the two brothers, Steve (S) and Matt (M) Nussbaum in 2019.  Steve is an electrical engineer and Vietnam veteran specializing in aviation electronics and Matt’s expertise is marketing and international trade. The two brothers often partner on innovation projects and as intrepid design engineers and entrepreneurs from San Diego and New Orleans, the Spirit of St. Louis exemplifies the can-do attitude they bring to all their innovation projects. In 2019 they launched the Fabric Pro Digital Iron. 

The Fabric Pro Digital Iron 

The Fabric Pro Iron idea was hatched inside a hanger full of frustrated fabric installers trying to monitor base plate temperatures. As Steve was installing new navigation equipment in a vintage plane…the fabric installers showed him how these home-use clothes irons were either too cold or too hot. As per his usual curiosity-driven approach, he ripped apart the nearest iron and started going to work in his garage. A few weeks later he had a digital feedback loop that monitored the base plate temperature to keep the temperature stable. We tested the prototype with aircraft fabric covering leaders Poly Fiber and Ceconite who’s installers helped make further design improvements. The final product came off the line in early 2020 and both Poly Fiber and Ceconite endorse the Fabric Pro Iron. It’s our intention to keep the art of aircraft fabric covering alive and well into the 21st Century.