Fabric Pro Digital Iron


This digital iron is uniquely designed for heat shrinking fabric for restoring vintage aircraft and ultralights with fantastic results. There are two models for different electrical supplies – one for U.S. users (120 VAC DTC-1000F) and one for International users (220-240 VAC DTC-2000C).  The DTC-1000F display is in degrees Fahrenheit and the DTC-2000C display is in degrees Celcius. The digital temperature control maintains temperature precisely – set it and forget it – no need for calibrating continuously. The base plate is twice the thickness of an ordinary iron keeping the temperature uniform across the plate. And the shovel nose tip will get you in and out of the tightest corners – without a wrinkle.  The iron comes with a non-slip,  hi-temp silicon pad for setting the iron down on during use, and an insulated storage bag that lets you put the iron away even if the base plate is still warm. Easy to travel with too.  


DTC-1000F Specifications:

  1. Temperature Range: 225F-355F (107C – 176C). Max Temp 355F.
  2. Temperature Stability: temp should remain constant within +/- 3 deg C after settling.
  3. Electrical Supply : 120 VAC 60/50 Hz 15 amps max
  4. internally fused
  5. No Auto-off feature of home irons requiring re-heating.
  6. Over-temp shutoff threshold: 400F(205C).
  7. CE Approved

DTC-2000C Specifications: 

  1. Temp Range 100-180C MAX TEMP 180C
  2.  Temp stability:  +/- 3 deg C
  3. Electrical Supply: 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 800W
  4. Internally fused
  5. No Auto-Off function
  6. Over-temp shutoff: 205 C
  7. CE Approved

Package Includes:

  1. No-slip resting pad provided for placement of hot iron during work.
  2. Insulated bag provided for storage and travel.
  3. 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.


Additional information

Weight 2.687 lbs
Dimensions 9.25 × 4.5 × 4.25 in

DTC-1000F 120 VAC, DTC-2000C 220-240 VAC

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  1. MattN

    It saves a ton of time, I got done in about half the time. Love this iron!

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